5 tips for indoor cycling effectively

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your cycling workout. Here are five tips for a safe & effective indoor cycling class.

1. Be sure your bike is set up properly. When your foot is at the bottom of your pedal stroke (the “6 o’clock position”), you should have a slight bend in your knee.

2. Set your handlebars at a position in which you can comfortably bend your elbows. In class, your instructor will be happy to help you with your bike settings.

3. Keep your feet flat in your pedals. This will allow you to push forward & downward. You will also be able to effectively pull up on the pedals. This will give you a more powerful pedal stroke.

4. Keep your spine in a neutral position while on the bike. Avoid rounding the shoulders or arching your back.

5. Always have enough resistance/gear on your bike so you do not bounce on your seat. Bouncing on the seat is out of control pedaling. If you begin to bounce, add more resistance/gear.

Happy riding!

New Fall Indoor Cycling Packages

Fall is here! Who is as happy as we are for this season. It is my favorite time of year. The leaves change, cool crisp air, and plus it is pumpkin and pecan pie season! I love some pie! I know Dionne will chase me out of the studio for promoting eating of the desserts, but it’s okay to enjoy simple things in life such as dessert!
Dionne has been in a studio working hard with our instructors these past few months to make your experience and workout even better than before. They also have some fun theme cycling rides coming your way to stay tuned for that!
This is also the time of year for Black Friday Specials, Christmas Specials, and New Year Specials. So, we have some of our own to share! Starting today through the end of January we are cutting prices on our monthly unlimited package and month-to-month package. Be sure to share with your friends and let them know that now is the time to join your favorite cycling studio for some fun spin classes.
NEW 5 class pack is $55!
Monthly Unlimited, with a 12-month contract, now $60, was $120!
Monthly Unlimited, with month-to-month contract, now $90, was $140!

Again, these offers start today and run through January 31, 2023.

Sign up now and ride with us in 2023. Let’s live your high WATT life!

-Chris Loignon
Cycleologie Owner

Step-by-Step Guide for Scheduling

We have gotten several questions about how to sign up for classes, as well as how to sign up for memberships, so we created a step-by -step video.

If you have any additional questions after watching the video, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rachel. We look forward to having you ride with us.

What You Can Expect from a Cycleologie Class

We are excited to offer group cycling classes for all fitness levels at Cycleologie.

Cycling has become one of the most popular trends in fitness. Not only is cycling great for its cardio benefits and calorie burn, but it is also a great resistance-based workout that can increase your strength. Aside from being able to burn up to 600 calories in a cycling class, our classes are fun to participate in because our instructors encourage and motivate riders to work hard and push themselves while enjoying the variety of music played in each class.

Each rider has their own bike and controls their own resistance with guided cues on approximately how much resistance to add from the instructor. This makes our classes a great option for all fitness levels. Since you control your resistance, you are in control of your workout. The instructor will usually recommend resistance based on the kind of track they are teaching. For example, if the instructor cues sprints, they may also signal for a lighter resistance allowing you  to move as quickly as possible. However, when simulating a hill, you may be prompted to add resistance, so you have to use more power and strength to “climb the hill.”

Benefits of Cycleologie’s Group Fitness Cycling Classes

Some of the benefits of our group fitness class are:

  • Great for stress release
  • Excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Low-impact cardio options
  • Muscular endurance

Worried About Taking Your First Class?

If you have never taken a cycling class before, no worries, take a Rookie Ride. This beginner-friendly class is the perfect way to get acquainted with the bike and the instructor. The Rookie Ride focuses on building a solid cycling foundation. As a rider in this class, you will experience the natural progression leading to the enjoyment and benefits you are sure to get from indoor cycling. Our instructors want to meet each rider and help them on their fitness journey. This class is the perfect place for you to experiment and grow with cycling.

Cycling at Cycleologie

Cycleologie offers cycling daily at a variety of times. Download the MindBody app and check out our schedule to find the perfect class and time for you!