Signature Cycle  

Cycleologie’s signature offering provides a high-energy workout that burns serious calories and improves endurance & strength, all while focusing on FUN! Riders will experience a variety of intervals, sprints, climbs, and more to get the most out of your total body workout.

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Cycle Sculpt

This class design integrates our Signature Cycle offering with fluid strength training techniques for a multi-faceted, total body workout!

Be challenged with blocked intervals of cycling and resistance exercises conducted off of the bike.

Dumbbells are available from 1lb to 10lbs. Shake up your weekly routine with this excellent cross-training option!

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Slow Flow Yoga

Discover tranquility in our Slow Flow yoga class, where you’ll gracefully move through gentle, mindful poses, synchronizing breath and movement. This class is designed to help you release tension, build flexibility, and find inner peace as you move at a relaxed pace, allowing for a deeper connection with your body and a sense of calm that will carry you through the day

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Friendly Flow Yoga

Friendly Flow Yoga is such a nice way to start or end your week! Offering a vinyasa yoga style with a little of power yoga embedded within. It is an all levels class but it would be helpful to have a vinyasa practice already established. It will rejuvenate your mind and body with a full body experience. This class will create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance while we explore our limits both physically and mentally. We will work all parts of our bodies equally to create balance that will compliment other activities of daily life.

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Yoga: Strength & Stretch

In this practice, you experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer giving hamstrings, groin, hips, shoulders, etc. more time to release deeper Sequences focus on floor postures that create space and length in the spine and take us into a blissful state. It complements our busy lifestyle and settles our minds and body. This practice is powerful and for ANY level of student, it is not a restorative class. We still use the body’s strength and effort of the body to create the pose and reap the benefits. This is a great class for those who have injuries that prevent them from participating in a faster style yoga class.

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Prana Pump

Pump Up Your Practice

This challenging and fast-paced class will keep you engaged and excited. It is for any level yogi or fitness-lover and combines three things we love: yoga, strength training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

To prepare for Prana Pump, the following is recommended:

– a set of dumbbells, generally 5 lbs. is a good starting point. We have 1 lb – 10lbs available!
– a yoga mat. Bring your own or borrow one from the studio.
– water and a towel. Yes, you will sweat!

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Cycleologie offers cycling classes designed for all fitness levels. We offer classes at varying times throughout the day.






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