Signature Cycle  

Cycleologie’s signature offering provides a high-energy workout that burns serious calories and improves endurance & strength, all while focusing on FUN! Riders will experience a variety of intervals, sprints, climbs, and more to get the most out of your total body workout.

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Power Yoga

Enjoy a more athletic approach to yoga with a faster pace and challenging sequence that builds heat, stamina, lean muscle mass, and increased flexibility. Non-traditional music is used during this practice to bring more energy to the sequences. This yoga practice is at a quick pace, 1-3 breaths per pose, so you should have an established practice. Cardio and strength training is incorporated throughout. Embrace your inner power.

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Hot Yoga

Instead of staying in your bed and hitting the snooze button, begin your morning with a little inspiration, motivation, and movement. This yoga class will invigorate your body and awaken your spirit and make a profound difference in your mood. You will be lead through a creative vinyasa sequence to open up the channels of your body and get your Prana flowing to start your week. We will build heat and work hard while others are still snoozing away. You will leave feeling empowered; yet relaxed! See you on the mat at 6:00 am so you can set yourself up for a great day!

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Friendly Flow Yoga

Friendly Flow Yoga is such a nice way to start or end your week! Offering a vinyasa yoga style with a little of power yoga embedded within. It is an all levels class but it would be helpful to have a vinyasa practice already established. It will rejuvenate your mind and body with a full body experience. This class will create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance while we explore our limits both physically and mentally. We will work all parts of our bodies equally to create balance that will compliment other activities of daily life.

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Slow Flow Yoga

It’s time to slow down and rejuvenate, relax and refresh your body. This practice is both energetic & restorative. We will move and flow to recharge our batteries and cleanse the body from the week. We will detox from the inside out. The teacher will guide you through a slower flow where poses are held for a longer periods of time to build the detoxing heat. It is the perfect way to mix up our Thursday!

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Cycleologie offers cycling classes designed for all fitness levels. We offer classes at varying times throughout the day.



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