Our friendly and energetic group of personal trainers are here for YOU. Each unique personality helps to attract and encourage students of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a first time rider or a seasoned pro we’ve got a class for you!


    Rachel Craft

    Rachel brings long-standing experience as a group fitness instructor, Ironman Certified Coach, and party-starter to Cycleologie! Rachel believes that fitness should be fun and is here to motivate and encourage you to be brave and bold, both in the studio and out. Rachel loves to run, lift weights, drink all the coffee, and hang out with her pup Sally! When she’s not leading class or working behind the scenes at Cycleologie, Rachel serves as General Manager at Fleet Feet Greenville.


    Nickie Dixon

    Nickie is a wife and a mom of two active boys. Nickie found indoor cycling after experiencing major back surgery in 2019. As an avid runner before her surgery, indoor cycling gave her the cardio workout she longed for while increasing her heart rate but maintaining low impact that kept her spine strong and healthy. She is a firm believer that resiliency is in all of us and no matter your fitness level, moving our bodies each day is a gift!  When she’s not cycling or enjoying a short run, you can usually find her the ball park cheering on her boys.


    Dionne Evans

    Dionne Evans, BS Exercise & Sports Science (ECU), has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 30 years. She became Spinning certified in 1997 while living in Dallas, TX. A three-time Boston Marathon qualifier and two-time Boston Marathon participant, she is also an avid runner and road cyclist. A cycling class with Dionne is a fun, motivating, and sweat drenching experience. Dionne’s high energy classes are driven by a pulse pounding playlist of the best music! With the reputation of the fiercest workout in town, Dionne looks forward to helping you crush your fitness goals.


    Heather Halsall

    Heather is originally from the north but migrated to the south in 1999. Pitt County Schools teacher and an avid yoga enthusiast. She got addicted to the practice since her first class as a student and discovered the power of yoga while trying to recover from an injury and decided Western medicine was not fixing it. She immersed herself into yoga, attending class 3-5 days a week and learning all about this beautiful practice. By experiencing how yoga helped her not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, she knew that she had to share it with others. She completed her 200-hour RYT with Karuna Yoga in Richmond, VA and her 500-hour RYT with Asheville Yoga Center. Heather’s classes deliver a dynamic vinyasa style approach for anyBODY with any level of experience. Meet her on the mat!


    Rebecca Houston

    Rebecca is a Virginia native with a coaching back ground in field hockey, swimming, and driveway junkyard workouts. She is looking forward to sharing the low-impact, high benefits of indoor cycling by connecting head, heart, and body to each class. In her spare time, she handles her dogs in confirmation dog shows, reads, travels, and enjoys live sporting events. She can’t wait to ride, share, and socialize with the members of Cycleologie!


    Yolanda James

    Yolanda is no stranger to the fitness scene in Greenville and her passion is helping others understand the importance of health & fitness – physically, spiritually, and mentally! Her fitness journey serves as motivation to others, having taken charge of her health in 2003 after reaching her maximum weight. Yolanda has a degree in Biology, is a certified personal trainer, currently serves as the Shero for Greenville’s chapter of “Black Girls Do Bike!” and is a member of the NC Bike/Walk Committee. Her personal motto is ME VS ME and she is driven to #CompeteWithSelf. Let’s Ride!


    Hunter Pardue

    Hunter is the Head Coach at Fleet Feet Greenville and a trail runner at heart who has completed multiple ultra-relay races and his own 100-mile finish. For many years, he taught in the classroom and now he gets to bring the classroom to Cycleologie! Hunter knows how to have fun while sweating for his next goal. Whether he’s out on the trail, on the track, or in the studio he brings the party to any workout.


    Tony Parker

    Tony is an Adult-Onset Athlete who loves to motivate the entire community to get up, get out, and get moving! Since he acquired the running bug, he has completed tons of 5K’s, 10K’s, embraced trail running, finished several marathons and ultras, and more. He firmly believes in cross training such as swimming, cycling, yoga, and whatever will get the body moving. Through the years Tony has also taken on the mantle of race director and coach. When you talk to him, you understand his passion and desire is to help those who think they cannot achieve their goals and prove them wrong. No worries about wondering if you can do it,  just show up for the ride of your life!


    Justin Safin

    Justin is ready to bring the heat to Cycleologie! An eclectic rider with a wild side, Justin lives for seeing his riders singing and dancing along while they work up a sweat. Justin is best known for his wide variety of musical tastes – riders can expect to rock out to everything from 80s hair metal, punk, hip hop, to show tunes and beyond! When he’s not Spinning, Justin loves to run and bike all around Greenville.


    Susan Stancombe

    Susan is a lifetime cyclist who brings that experience into the room! She fell in love with indoor cycling when she was gifted a package of classes and discovered its power to enhance everything from long bike rides to walking, running, kayaking, cross country skiing, hiking and more. Using an eclectic music mix as your road, Susan meets you where you are in your fitness journey and encourages you to be “your best YOU”! As a certified instructor since 2014 and member of the Indoor Cycling Association, Susan shares the thrill of the physical and mental challenge, raises the bar, keeps it fresh, and guides you to your stronger, more confident self.


    Tonya Winfield

    Tonya is an eastern North Carolina native who loves the sport of triathlon, having completed two Ironman races and many half-distance Ironman events! After undergoing a spinal fusion in May of 2021, she has focused all of her attention on the low-impact benefits of cycling. Tonya has a BA in Physical Education and has been teaching at the elementary level for over 17 years. Tonya is well-known in the cycling community because of her ability to work with riders of all levels and brings that ‘leave no one behind’ mentality!


    Megan Goodman

    Megan is a full-time high school performing arts teacher and an even fuller-time endurance sport junkie. What started as a mile at a time on the treadmill turned into a love for triathlons, which most recently has morphed into a love of the world of ultra running. Megan loves and appreciates the cross training, low-impact benefits of adding cycling to her run training, and is excited to bring them to the Greenville community!

Cycleologie offers cycling classes designed for all fitness levels. We offer classes at varying times throughout the day.



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